Алёша Карамазов

“You say you can’t see the kingdom of the good and the true on earth. I didn’t see it either; and it can’t be seen if you look at our life as the end of everything. On earth, I mean this earth” (Pierre pointed to the fields), “there is no truth- everything is falsehood and evil; but in the universe, in the whole universe, there is the kingdom of the true, and we are now children of the earth, but eternally–children of the whole universe. Don’t I feel in my soul that I make up a part of that huge, harmonious whole? Didn’t I feel that, among the countless number of beings in which the divinity–the higher power– whatever you like– is manifest, I make up one link, one step from lower beings to higher? If I see, see clearly, this ladder that leads from plant to man, then why should I suppose that this ladder, the lower end of which I do not see, is lost in the plants? Why should I suppose that this ladder stops with me and does not lead further and further to higher beings? I feel not only that I cannot disappear, as nothing disappears in the world, but that I will always be and have always been. I feel that, beside me, above me, spirits live, and that in this world there is true.”

  • 4 March 2013
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